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Alix Goffic is the consummate Caribbean musician. Like the Caribbean itself, he sits in the nexus of American, European, and Pan-African music traditions. Starting drums at the age of 6, Alix grew up immersed in the various regional Caribbean music (zouk, calypso, and reggae) as well as American music (hip hop, R&B, soul). But his hunger for music found him eventually studying under the jazz masters such as the 2009 Smithsonian Legacy Award winning Danillo Perez, and two-time Grammy Award winning John Pattitucci; ultimately attaining a masters from Berklee College of Music. In addition to his drum set expertise, he is also a hip hop producer. This combination of a mastery in jazz and Caribbean/American music makes up the DNA of his unique style playing, a style that reflects his cultural background. He now resides in New York City, and his work has been featured on international platforms such as The New York Times, NPR, and France Television.
Alix Goffic proudly endorses Innovative Percussion Sticks and Canopus Drums

"Alix’s musical makeup is very unique in comparison to his peers" - The Source

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